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Lead @ Home: Research Guide for the Kramer Law Clinic, Case Western Reserve University

This Research Guide provides links to community resources and information about the rules and regulations designed to keep communities safe despite the toxic presence of lead particles in and around many homes.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Toxic-Neglect Series and, Fault Lines Video

"Cleveland Plain Dealer," Toxic Neglect Series, 2015-2017

The first two articles in this investigative series appeared in the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" on October 18, 2015.  Written by reporters Rachel Dissell and Brie Zeltner, the series entitled, "Toxic Neglect," exposed the human costs of lead exposure to Cleveland residents and many suburban Cuyahoga County residents as well.   From October, 2015 until February, 2017, over 60 articles have delved into the effects of lead exposure on Cleveland's communities and families.


"Fault Lines" Video, 2016

Al Jazeera News produced a "Fault Lines" program entitled, "Poison in Our Walls" in 2016.  To explain why they focused the program in Cleveland, Ohio, Al Jazeera interviewed Rachel Dissell and Brie Zeltner, reporters for the "Cleveland Plain Dealer:"

"When lead was found in the water in the US city of Flint, Michigan, there was outrage from the public as well as federal officials, but at the time, according to some estimates, the city of Cleveland had almost three times the number of children suffering from lead poisoning. . . When you're holding a glass of water in Flint and you see it's an odd color and it smells bad. This just shouts 'we need to pay attention.'  Lead in Cleveland and in most other cities is invisible.  The problem is invisible and it always has been."

"Fault Lines," Poison in Our Walls, Al