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Windows and Office Training

Training information for law library staff for the update to Windows 10 and office 2016

Connecting Office to Google Drive

Connecting Office to Google Drive

You can connect your copy of Office 2016 directly to google drive.  To start, go to the following link: and click on the DOWNLOAD button.

Next select Accept and Install to the Google Drive Terms of Service.  Run the executable, which may automatically pop up, or may show on the download bar.

That’s it!  Great Job!!

Now when you open word you will have a google drive tab.  From here you can open documents from google drive than make changes and save the changes directly back to google drive by clicking Save to Drive on the Google Drive toolbar. 

Freshly created documents can also be saved directly to Google drive using the Save As  button, also on the Google Drive toolbar.

There are a lot more options on the Google Bar Toolbar, so have fun and play around with them!