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Windows and Office Training

Training information for law library staff for the update to Windows 10 and office 2016

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop

The virtual desktop is one of the best new features of windows 10!  The Virtual Desktop feature has been available for the users of Linux and Mac’s for years.  Windows has finally jumped on the productivity bandwagon with the Virtual Desktop feature.

The virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 is called “Task View” and is located on the Taskbar (below) or by pressing Windows Key + Tab.  While in Task View, you will see what windows are open.  On the bottom right corner of the task view, you will notice there is a New Desktop option, which will create your virtual desktop. 

If you want to add any of your open programs to your new virtual desktop, right click on the tile and select Move to and then select your virtual desktop or a New Desktop.

You can switch between your two desktops by pressing Windows Key + Tab, or the Task View button on the taskbar and selecting which desktop you would like.  From this view, you can close any extra desktops by clicking the X on the top right of the thumbnail.

Any programs still open on the virtual desktop will transfer over to the remaining desktop.

Tl; dr: Video Below