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Sources for Student Publication Cite Checking

This LibGuide is to help students find the sources to do cite checking.

The library is committed to supporting student efforts to manage our student journals. The library hosts the student journal websites on our scholarly commons. The library also offers services to help stdudents efficiently and effectively cite-check articles. Below is information about the library’s services. Direct general ideas, questions, or concerns about library services for student-edited journals to Lisa Peters, by phone 368-2793, by email, or by visiting her office.

Library Liaison



Canada-U.S. States Law Journal

Andy Dorchak,

Health Matrix

Cheryl Cheatham,

Journal of International Law

Andy Dorchak,

Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet

Judy Kaul,

The Law Review

Lisa Peters,

Journal Websites

The library houses the journal’s websites on our Scholarly Commons..

Each journal must designate a single editor to request changes to the journals web page, please inform your library liaison and Andrew Dorchak ( The designated editor should send all requests for changes, including uploading new issues, to their library liaison and Andrew Dorchak (


Cite-Checking Support

Journal staff should consult their liaison about law library information that is beyond the scope of this handout,  including  any problems with a particular library service.

A. 2L Journal Orientation

Upon request by a journal board member, a librarian will present an overview on how to find cite-checking sources for new journal staff. This is most commonly done in conjunction with the journal orientation. Requests for library training or orientation should be made by a member of the journal’s editorial board at least two weeks in advance. Direct requests go to the Head of Reference, Andrew Dorchak (

B. Cite-Checking Preview Service

The optional Cite-Checking Preview (CCP) service provides initial librarian overview of articles, prior to their assignment for cite-checking, in order to identify items that we can expect to be difficult to obtain. A reference librarian will provide a cursory  evaluation and a report noting items that can be pre-identified as requiring special handling. The librarian report can identify campus resources for some publications; suggest online alternatives to print resources; help to identify sources that may have to be gathered by interlibrary loan or that may be difficult to obtain without the author’s help and suggest visits to other libraries for select resources. The Managing editor should submit an electronic copy of articles to be previewed at least two weeks in advance to Lisa Peters (

C. Locating Sources

The library has created a research guide to help journal staffers locate sources for cite checking. The "Sources for Student Publications Cite Checking" (you are in this guide) research guide covers both primary,and secondary sources, giving links to online sources and call numbers for materials in the Case library system.


The library supports journal sites on is an online repository where copies of cited to web sources can be stored and cited to. See, Bluebook Rule 18.2.1(d). Lisa Peters ( will contact each journal's Editor-in-Chief to set up the journal's account.

Reference Desk

If you are having difficulty locating a source, email the reference desk, or speak with the librarian at the reference desk in person, or call 216-368-5206. (Please do not directly contact individual librarians.)

Reference Desk Hours

Monday                                9:00am -8:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday           9:00am – 7:00pm

Friday                                  9:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday                              Noon – 5:00pm   (excluding holiday weekends)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and OhioLINK

The library is pleased to offer interlibrary loan and OhioLINK services to support journal staffers in their research-intensive production work, including cite-checking. Journal staff may expect the same consistent, excellent level of service that the library provides to all law school students, faculty, and staff. Direct interlibrary loan and OhioLINK questions to Donna Ertin,   Head of Circulation and Access Services Librarian,


Law students may directly order any “available” item they find via the online OhioLINK catalog. To request an item for delivery, select “CWRU” from the pull-down menu. Next enter your regular Case username (i.e. the portion of your email address before “,” and password). Select delivery to the law library.

Interlibrary Loan

Law students may request books that are not available on campus or OhioLINK by placing an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. Journal articles not available on campus or in electronic format can be ordered via ILL. You may place and track your own ILL requests using the ILLiad ILL management system but be advised that attempts to request material available on campus or through OhioLINK will be rejected. Normally, you will be best served by contacting a reference librarian to determine availability of a desired resource before placing an ILL request in ILLiad.

Recommendations for how Journals handle ILLs

For journal cite-checking purposes, we strongly recommend that each journal identify specific responsible parties to coordinate ILL requests – either at a per-article level (i.e. the article leads) or globally by identifying a particular member of the editorial board who will “triage” ILL. This is to minimize multiple requests for the same or similar items. Individual cite-checkers should notify this responsible party within the journal’s administration of any items they encounter that require ILL. The editor with that “triage” role will then either authorize or place the ILL request.

Additionally, we recommend that you routinely consult reference librarians whenever you encounter a citation that you believe will require ILL. In many cases, we are able to identify locally-available resources with overlapping or equivalent coverage that are fully “citable” but may not be immediately obvious on the face of the author’s original citation.


Introduction Journal staff may expect the same consistent, excellent level of service that the Circulation Department provides to all law school students, faculty and staff. Direct circulation-related issues to Donna Ertin, Head of Circulation and Access Services Librarian (

A. Borrowing Library Materials

Journal staffers may check out journal production-related items on their individual student library cards (student ID cards). Items checked out with individual cards are subject to the usual circulation policies governing law-student patrons. Non-circulating items may not be checked out. Charges for lost or overdue items are billed to the individual.

B. Microform

Microform readers/copiers are located in the Richey Reading Room. To make copies on the journal’s account go to the Circulation Desk and sign-out the override key. When you return the key, you will need to indicate how many copies you made. Please ask for Angie Eason,  Collection Maintenance Spervisor ( if you encounter a problem with this equipment.

C. Copying Items in Journal Offices

Journal staff may take non-circulating items out of the library  for a short period of time for the purpose of copying in the Journal Offices. The journal staffer must leave her/his student ID at the Circulation desk.

D. Re-Shelving

Staffers are not required to re-shelve items. When finished with items, staffers shall take them promptly to the Circulation Desk.

E. Searches and Recalls

1. Missing Items If you are unable to locate law materials that the catalog lists as available, ask the individual at the Circulation Desk to initiate the Library’s Missing Item Procedure.

2. Recalls by a Journal

Before placing a recall for materials, check for the material in the journal office or the carrel where books are being held for journal membersl. Once you have determined that the material is not checked out to a colleague and the material is not available on OhioLink, visit the Circulation Desk and place a HOLD.   The Library will notify you when the recalled material is available.

3. HOLDs from a Journal

The Library’s Recall Procedure applies to journal staffers. Failure to return a recalled item will result in large fines and possible suspension of privileges for the individual.

4. Renewals

Materials may be renewed 6 times, unless recalled. 6 renewals equals 147 days.

F. Fines for Overdue and Lost Items

Please check your individual journal’s policies on paying staffers’ fines. For an individual journal staffer to have a fine for overdue or lost Case library, Ohiolink, or Interlibrary Loan materials paid by the journal, she or he must forward the email notification of the fine to her or his Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief should then forward the notification email with a statement that the journal is approving the payment of the fine to Dean Hill, Dean Hill will then notify Donna Ertin (Head of Circulation and Access) of payment of the fine. Donna will then remove the fine from the individuals’ circulation record.

G. Book Carts

The Circulation Department has a limited number of extra book carts which it may loan to journals for short periods of time on a first come, first served basis. To request the use of a book cart, go to the Circulation Desk.

H. Other Libraries

When dealing with other campus libraries or consortium libraries, staffers are bound by the other libraries’ circulation and fine policies. Our library cannot intercede with the other campus libraries on behalf of journal staffers.

Other Policies

A. PERC (Personal Research Consultation)

Law students may schedule in advance a reference appointment with one of the librarians.  A “PERC,” or Personal Research Consultation, allows for more extended research coaching — whether for a course-related project, a journal Note, or other academic endeavor. The appropriate law librarian  (based on a combination of availability and special expertise), will contact you within 24 hours of submission of the form in order to arrange an appointment. Please visit the Reference Desk in person or chat online if you need a faster response. Online form is located at

B. Write-on Support

The Library will help locate information needed for the write-on competition. Your designated library contact on the write-on committee should send a request, at least two weeks before the items are needed. For help please contact Lisa Peters (

C. Plagiarism Detection Reports

To request a plagiarism detection report on the article, the Editor-in-Chief must send the request to her/his faculty advisor with a copy of the article. If permission is granted the faculty advisor will forward the request and paper to the Head of Reference, Andrew Dorchak ( Andrew will then contact the Editor-in-Chief to discuss the details.